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March 2023

Some minor developments to report in the progress of Tiered Democratic Governance. 

I'm nearing my fourth year of promoting the TDG on Medium. My readership is down; readership seems to be down for a lot of Medium writers. But I am getting a more thoughtful engagement with my fewer readers. .

Two other Medium writers wrote articles referencing the TDG. This hasn't happened before:

I've had a few comments that building a new democracy will time most people don't have. So I wrote an article explaining that lots and lots of time is not necessary (or even desired) to build this new democracy. This has become my second-most important article on Medium:   :

In 2022, I sold 11 TDG books. In January, I sold five. So I thought a good trend was happening for 2023. In February, the sales numbers went down to one. At least I got two consecutive months with a sale.


I have recently joined the new internet forum called Mastodon. Mastodon seems like an intelligent version of Twitter. ; I can link my many Medium articles to Mastodon. We shall soon see what happens. You can find me on Mastodon at @davevolek

Let's hope that I can provide positive news on a more regular basis. In the meantime, each month we delay in starting the TDG means it will take a month later to implement it. This world seems to be getting crazier with each passing year. We really need a new way of governing ourselves. I just don't see other viable ideas out there. Do you?  

Dave Volek