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April 2022

The war in Ukraine is preoccupying the world's attention these days. I have family in the western part of Ukraine. So far they are doing OK, but life is very unsettling. 

Russia is indeed not a democracy, so maybe it is excusable that this nation has a leader that is not of a good mind these days. However, we have to question the ability of democracies being able to consistently put people of sound mind in these high positions. As time passes and events move on, I just see more and more reasons for astute world citizens to start putting the TDG together. Alas, no TDG workers are forthcoming. 

Someone bought my recent novel "Circles of a Future Politician" and left a nice review. Check out this review at Amazon. 

I'm still putting up a few TDG articles on Medium. My most recent is about fracking in the petroleum industry--and why we can't get a good balance of reasonable regulations.

I have a goal to finish my fifth TDG book by the end of this month. The TDG-Medium Papers is compilation of 133 TDG essays I have put on Medium in the past three years. This work is a different way of teaching about the TDG. Amazon has some "different" marketing tools, which I think should be a good fit for this book. 

And today KOBO announced a contest for a "Ten word story." So I submitted:

Western Democracy Sucks! Dave says, "Change It." But we can't.

I think that summarizes my TDG promotional work quite well. I have run across so many people who recognize that western democracy is breaking yet cannot investigate a new way, let alone put 10 hours a month into this social movement.

I shall announce the new book when it is ready.

Dave Volek