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January 2022

My third TDG novel has just been launched. . 

Eli Weasel is the main character of "Circles of a Future Politician." Eli is a young man living on the Tankosin Indian Reservation, somewhere in the United States. 

We were introduced to Eli and his friends in "Diary of a Future Politician." This first TDG novel showed several ways to put a local TDG together, and Eli's Tankosin workings were the last of several story arcs.  

In "Circles," a catalyst moves the Tankosin TDG to a higher level. People in the Tankosin Nation are becoming more interested. Eli and the rest of the executive committee are put into a few more challenges. This challenges help the TDG grow and prepare the Tanksosin people for TDG governance. In two years, Tankosin's TDG becomes the most influential TDG in the USA. 


"Circles" is the third novel of this series. "Diary of a Future Politician" was published in April 2020, and "Confessions of a Future Politician" was published in July 2021.

"Circles" is the most entertaining of the three novels. I believe it can stand as its own story without having to read the other two. 

The goal of these three novels is to convince average people that they can build the democracy they so yearn for. It just needs 1% of the population to start this movement. Time investment should be about 10 hours a month. 


The TDG website has "Circles" available for a free read.

Circles is also available on Kindle and Kobo in an ebook format for a small price. 


And yes, a fourth book is formulating between my ears. But it is at least a year away. 

The sooner we start building the TDG, the sooner it will be ready to assume governance.

How's the current system working for you?