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September 2023

It's been six months since my last communique. 

I'll just report that not much tangible has happened. 


I'm still writing TDG-related articles for Medium. Below are three links you might interested in:

Psychopaths and Sociopaths in Politics

Rethinking the Red/Blue Pill Paradigm

Poor Joe Biden


I'm also promoting the TDG on Mastodon, a forum similar to Twitter. My handles are @davevolek and #tiereddemocraticgovernance. 

The link to join my Mastodon "instance" is:


I have four more books that I want to write. The first draft "Wisdom of a Future Politician" is complete. This will be my fourth TDG novel. I let this book sit while I do the first draft of the other three books. 

One of those books will be about a new business model. This model is not a corporation, where profits go to the investors. This model is not a co-operative, where profits go to customers and/or workers. Rather the "spolu" will distribute profits to investors, workers, customers, suppliers, reinvestment into other spolus, and philanthropy. Today I will start the first draft of this book. It'll be good to get these ideas out of my head and onto paper. 


The United States is still going through much political turmoil. Unfortunately, the well-meaning people still have no idea of what is wrong. It seems they will be satisfied when Mr. Trump does go to prison. But the problems are deeper than Mr. Trump. 

Spread the word that you know a Canadian fellow who has an interesting idea of a new democracy. His ideas deserve more attention. 

Until next time----and hopefully I will have more positive news.