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September 2020

I sent five copies of "Diary of a Future Politician" to five trade unions in the USA. One went to the US Postal Union. Hopefully someone at the receiving end of these offices reads the book and moves it forward. Average people have the skills to start building the TDG.

I got the first draft of "Confessions of a Future Politician" to my editor. She seems to be busy, but I started working on "Circles of a Future Politician." Both stories are writing themselves. It's just a matter of finding a few hours to sit down and write. 

My promotion on Medium become a lot less in August. I'm mostly answering to responses of my previous Medium work. Not many, but those take about a 1/2 hour a day. Time should be less as it passes. I want to try promoting to groups that are more inclined to change to democracy rather than political commentators. I ran across a group called 'Sociocracy". I'll give them a try. Any other recommendations?

I sold 2 TDG ebooks in August. Not sure where these buyers came from, but it's a nice sign.

No DFP books. Website visitors are coming from BING and Medium, but no one is reading much. No new subscribers! 

I shall move forward. Joe Biden is not going to save America!