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February 2024

I like to think myself as a practical person. Yet when it comes to my alternative democracy (the TDG), I am at a loss why I lose my sense of practicality. 

In my last newsletter, I mentioned that I had set up "TDG's Blog." In essence, I am recycling my TDG writings, starting from 24 years ago. My plan was to post links of those writings on Mastodon (a Twitter clone). Mastodon users would click to the blog article and hopefully move to other parts of the TDG website.

The website is getting a few Mastodon visitors, but they leave  without much investigation. It seems to another failed marketing attempt. I really should quit the TDG, shouldn't I? 


Well, my intuition has guided me in another TDG direction. I am gathering up all my inventions into one website (again). 

You can find "Dave Volek's Inventions" at

I'm not sure why I made this website. Unlike my Mastodon plan, I'm seeing a very low-probability-upside with this new website. These inventions are proven failures. History says they will fail again. 

The only practical thing about this new project is that I built it cheap. Functional, but not pretty. 

But maybe something positive will happen with this new website. I will be posting links to the these eight inventions on Mastodon. Maybe my intuition will be right this time. 


But there is one new invention.

About 10 years ago, I came up with a new business model. The "spolu" is an advanced co-operative. It will connect investors, employees, custumers, and suppliers together--in one interrelated relationship. The purpose of any spolu is to "distribute its profits," which is much different than the corporate purpose of "make the investors rich." 

The spolu has been bouncing around my head for a long time. Last fall, I started putting this spolu idea down on paper. There is some psychological relief for me. 

The fourth draft is here:

If you are frustrated with the antics of corporate business, you should read about the spolu. It will take about one hour. 

As mentioned, The Spolu is in its fourth draft, which gives a reasonably good presentation. I still have more work to do on this idea. Maybe an e-book will be ready in a year.

I could use some feedback. 


In the meantime, I shall continue posting links to TDG articles on Mastodon. My six to eight posts a day do not take that much time. My hashtag #tiereddemocraticgovernance is showing up on Mastodon feeds over and over again. The TDG is such a novel idea and needs only one celebrity to check it out. 

And TDG's Blog has 194 articles. I figure I have about 125 to upload yet. 

And yes, I am still posting new articles to Medium. Here are a couple new articles: 

Solving Democracy with Term and Age Limits

Looking Beyond November 2024 


There may or may be a Medium paywall. The Medium rules keep changing. One of the reasons I had to make my writing independent.