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June 2022 Newsletter

Once again, my apologies. I believe some of you have received several "testing" newsletters. And some of you received none. We had a problem with our email server, and this problem seems to be solved. 


I have two TDG stories since my last effective newsletter:

1) I have read a political science book

I have been working on my TDG since 1997. I not read much from political scientists because they seem inflexible to the idea that governance without political parties is possible. But someone recommended a book from a leading-edge political scientist, so I thought maybe I should see where these people are at these days. Let's just say that I won't be reading more books from these academics in the near future. My review of Helene Landemore's "Open Democracy" is here:

2) I have complied 133 of my TDG essays into one book.

It is called The TDG-Medium Papers

This book has 133 short, but powerful reads about the TDG. It is a different way to teach about the TDG than my TDG book and my three TDG novels. 

I have given Amazon some exclusivity in exchange for their advanced marketing tools. So The TDG-Medium Papers is not available for a free read from my website. But these essays are scattered in Medium.

A description of The TDG-Medium Papers is here:


The January 6 Commission is plodding along. It may or may not find the right answers to the degree that the January 6 protest was purposefully planned for a specific outcome. At best, the commission could shift the voting results to a solid Democrat victory in 2022 and 2024. But we should not count on that. 

We need to count on ourselves. We can start building our local TDG at any time. Let's not wait for the political elite, the wealthy, the celebrities, the media, or the political scientists.

We--the people--can and must build this system. 

Dave Volek


Tiered Democratic Governance