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June 2020

Not great news for the TDG this month. 

BING advertising got about 300 visitors to the DFP section in May. And at a reasonable cost of about $0.06 a click!  Unfortunately I sold only one TDG book in May, no DFP books. I was disappointed.

When looking at my website stats, the new format is getting more penetration than the previous website: maybe 5-10% vs next-to-zero. However the stats are also saying that visitors are reading the books in about five minutes, which is not possible. In other words, it seems I haven't got any serious readers yet. 

I'm still working the internet forum known as Medium. Lots of Anti-Trump people, but I really can't convince any of them to consider a system where Mr. Trump would not be electable. 

I have been putting up chapters of DFP on Medium every 10 days. The first chapter is at this link:

A week ago, I encountered an interesting website called The Fearless Heart. They seem to be offering something similar, but I'm not sure yet. Anyways, i have brought the novel and will read that shortly.

I have also been fielding a few questions from the TDG email. One fellow was quite impressed that my "Donate" page was not asking for money.