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August 2020

In July, I had another fellow from Medium express their interest with Tiered Democratic Governance. I asked him to tell his online and real-life social circles about his find. His excuse was that the TDG website was not up to his standards. There's not much I can do about that! 

My time on Medium is much less these days. I am putting up sections of the TDG book on my own Medium publication; one section per day. Not much traffic yet, but I'm only on Article 26. I think there will be about 150 sections.  

You can find this Medium Publication at

I printed off 10 copies of "Diary of a Future Politician". I sent one copy to each of the following: 1) The Obama Foundation, 2) Mitt Romney, 3) Elizabeth Warren, 4) Deb Haaland, and 5) Sharice Davids. The latter two are Native American members of Congress; I'm anticipating they will like Chapter 6 of DFP when a TDG is started on an American Indian Reservation.   

But I'm under no illusion that this book will find its way to these principal and get their endorsements. These are rather busy people who have all sorts of demands placed on them. Rather I'm hoping the staffers read the book--and recommend it to their online and real-life social circles. The TDG has to grow organically; there is just on other way. 

The other five copies will go out this month. Not exactly sure where yet. 

Writing for "Confessions of  a Future Politician" is going really well. Family life is limiting my time on the computer, but when I get time, this story just pours out!

Book sales were zero in July. But the TDG email list grew to eight.