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November 2021

Just a little update on my TDG marketing.  

I've been on the internet forum MEDIUM ( for 31 months. My main purpose was to promote the TDG. 

In early October, I recognized that things in my life were arranged such that I could spend a lot of time writing TDG articles for Medium. I think I put in about 60 hours crafting an article for each day in October. Here is the third article of this series.

So far, no tangible fruit from this marketing effort. I'm not surprised. And Medium seems to be struggling these days. My readership for these articles is actually the lowest it has ever been. Fewer readers are coming to Medium!  

I think I can craft original TDG articles until the end of November. Then I shall stop.

I am going to compile all these TDG articles on Medium and later publish them as an ebook. This ebook will be different way to teach about how the TDG works.