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December 2020

Not much progress in November. No book sales; two serious reads from website. 

I had a couple of people from Medium who said they liked the TDG idea well enough to post it on their social media pages. If they did, I don't see any tangible results. 

I posted a new article up on Medium. It is about the little fraud that always happens in elections, how it has been translated into big fraud, and how fraud won't be an issue with a future TDG.

November was not a good month for writing either. My usual writing times are in the early morning. In November, my body told me to get some extra sleep. So not much progress on "Confessions of a Future Politician." 

I sent off copies of "Diary of a Future Politician" to:

  • American Civil Liberties Union
  • The Jefferson Center
  • Center for Deliberative Democracy
  • American Indian Movement
  • National Basketball Association