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But we believe that 80% of these stories are at least 80% true.

February 2020

The project is moving forward, not as fast as I would like (but that is normal).

My 4-year-old son is taking time away from the home computer, and I became a basketball coach. My 16-year old did not make the team, but school did say they would put a third team together if someone was to coach it. More free time has gone away!

New website construction is still on going. This newsletter actually tests the newsletter feature of the website software.

As for "Diary of a Future Politician", Chapter 1 is ready for publishing. Chapter 2, 3, & 4 are in the hands of my copy editor. I'm still working on my final touches for Chapter 5 & 6.

In December, I actually sold three TDG ebooks. I'm not sure why, but these were the first sales in 18 months. Good feeling, but no sales occurred in January.

I'm still marketing on the internet forum called Medium. I am getting a few people coming to the old website from Medium, but they almost always do not go past the landing page. On January 26, I had one visitor read 114 pages of the 141 online book, but no feedback. But my conclusion is still the same: people just don't want to read about the TDG through a quasi-academic approach.

Here's to hoping that "Diary of a Future Politician" becomes the way to get people interested.