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February 2021

Probably my last report for a while. 

I was really hoping that by now, there would be a few local TDGs operating in the USA. But I have not been succesful in this regard, and it looks like further efforts will not be successful in the short to intermediate term. 

I am also building an educational simulitation called "Dave Volek's Pandemic Simulator."  Players will take on the role of politicians trying to manage a pandemic. And hopefully, this simulation will give the public a better understanding of this challenge. 

These days, my spare time and energy needs to be put into building the simulation. I will be doing lots of testing to ensure the mathematical model is working properly.  I won't be actively promoting "Tiered Democratic Governence" for at least a year. But the TDG website will still be up.

In the meantime, the world will continue to bumble with the western democratic model, somehow believing that it can still fix this kind of governance. Funny how we cling to a social engineering tool invented circa 1800 and believe it can still work in the 21st century.

My two TDG novels are nearing completion. I will drop a notice when they are finished. Otherwise, this email group will be dormant.

Thanks for your attention to the TDG. . 

 Dave Volek