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New Email Address

Hello TDG Subscribers

Not much has happened with the TDG in the past few months because I have not been promoting it that much. I am putting spare time and energy into another project: "Dave Volek's Pandemic Simulator". It is a few months away from being fully functional, but you can take a look here.

Since November, TDG's email program has been broken. I can see about 30 emails have been sent to me, but I can't open them. I suspect most of them are spam, but some of you might have been trying to contact me. If so, my apologies. 

Rather than fix the obsolete email program provided by my server, I just decided to get a new email address. You can get it from the contact page.

And here is my last article on Medium. It decribes how Pascal's Wager can be applied to evaluate whether average citizens should work on the TDG.  

My second TDG novel--Confessions of a Future Politician--might be ready for your reading in a month. I will let you know.