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October 2020

I'm still working the Medium form a little. I have another marketing use for this forum, so I'm still keeping a little presence. 

I did get one website visitor to read the whole TDG book online. First one for the new website. 

I sold one TDG book. 

But no action for "Diary of a Future Politician" last month.  

"Confessions of a Future Politician" is still at my editor's. I am almost finished the first draft of "Circles of a Future Politician".  

Much of my limited free time has gone into my Pandemic Simulator. For the last three months, I have been thinking about a simulation where players role-play an epidimologist making decisions in managing a pandemic.I have developed a model that I think will be simple to understand and enage. And this model should be inexpensive to develop, yet be fairly realistic. I handed over the specs to my website developor this week. When completed, this simulation will be advertising for the TDG. If the simulation goes viral, the TDG will get more exposure. 

Hopefullly, I'll find time to send a few more DFP books to organizations in the USA this month. September was too busy with the pandemic simulator and my wife and I going back to work.