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We don't have the journalistic resources to verify these stories.

But we believe that 80% of these stories are at least 80% true.

July 2020

I have finished putting the six chapters of "Diary of a Future Politician" to Medium. The link to the first chapter is below:

Not much readership, but one fellow did get back to me with a lot of praise for my work. He asked me what he could do next. I told him to spread the word: let his online and real-life communities know about his find. I haven't heard from him since, but a week ago I did get a response from someone on Medium about being recommended to the TDG by someone else. Maybe it was that first fellow. But after 23 years, that was the first time someone told me that someone else recommended reading the TDG. That is a first.

I am also changing my TDG strategy. I will be putting my TDG on its own Medium publication. Here is the first part:

With BING ads, I am getting about 100 visitors a week to the "Diary of a Future Politician" section of my website. Penetration past the landing page is higher than my usual internet endeavors, and I'm giving credit to my website developer for a great layout. But I'm not seeing deep readers or book sales. I'll give BING at least two more months. 

I'm making a few small repairs to the website. My website developer said he will get into it soon. I've had two requests to join the TDG discussion group, but I think I'll need a little more action before putting some $$$$ in that part. 


I've also decided to start writing my next two TDG novels, rather than spend time on Medium. Strange to be writing another book when my first two books are not successful. But that is where my intuition is telling me to go. 

I started writing yesterday. I got quite a bit done in an hour. This story really wants to come out! Then family life took control.