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December 2023

?I have been making some changes to the TDG website.

In particular, I have set up "TDG's Blog." I will be copying most of my shorter writings to this blog. Currently I have about 130 articles posted. I think there will be 350 in total. This is a slow tedious process. I think I will be done by February. 

Here is TDG's Blog. 

With all these articles in the blog, it is much easier for TDG fans to connect with my work. 

As well, I am making about four posts per day on Mastodon, linking the post one of the articles. My 70 followers are seeing the hashtag #tiereddemocraticgovernance a lot. 


While Mastodon is not showing results yet, I am getting a few email inquiries. I have had more inquiries this past three months than the previous three years. 

I can now refer inquires to a couple of sections of the blog----TDG Main Essays and TDG Mechanics---to answer most questions. 

Hopefully there will be more interest in 2024. The world is so hurting and needs different medicine.