TDG Banner

TDG Logo and Swag

I am releasing the copyright of the TDG logo to the world's TDG supporters.

TDG supporters are allowed to download the logo file and create whatever promotional activities they want. Permission and royalties are not required.

Here is a list of how the logo can be used:
  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Signs
  • Billboards
  • Doorknockers, to invite neighbors to an "alternative democracy" meeting.
  • Newspaper ads
  • Internet banners and memes
  • TV commercials
  • T-shirts and other clothing
  • SWAG: coffee cups, pens, stationary, whatever

Here's my one rule for using the TDG logo:

If a TDG supporter charges money for their TDG productions, I would like them to donate 5% of gross sales to the TDG.

Download TDG Logo


Advanced Promotion

TDG artisans can make TDG videos, artwork, stories, short dramas, and music based on the TDG. Distribute these products as you see fit. If fees are charged or royalties are earned, remember the voluntary 5% royalty rule.

Translations of the TDG website and books will happen. I give my permission for supporters to make their own translation of the TDG works. So, set up translated websites and sell translated e-books. If money is earned from these works, I would like 5% of gross sales or earnings to be donated to the TDG. Please understand that I may or may not endorse these translated works later.

My three TDG novels could be turned into a movie series! You will need my official permission for this project.