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Tiered Democratic Governance (TDG) is a new democracy

The TDG has:

  1. no political parties,
  2. no noisy election campaigns, and
  3. no conflict, contention, and contempt to reach decisions.

Isn't this interesting?

Instead, the TDG has:

  1. Tiered, indirect elections, . . .
  2. . . . . so voters can base their vote on good character and capacity for governance.
  3. A culture of consultation, consensus, and collaboration.
  4. A wise advisory board to assist elected decision makers.
We will need to learn new skills to make the TDG work. Building the TDG will be the forum to learn and practice these new skills.

Read these books to learn about this new way:
Average people will be building this new democracy.
  • Not the wealthy!
  • Not the political elite!
  • Not the academics!
  • Not the media!
People just like you! By giving up 10 hours per month.