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May 2020

On Friday, April 17, I formally launched "Diary of a Future Politician" (DFP). Actually the book was on the website at least a month before. I kind of thought most of the editing was done, but it seems my two editors and I found many other things to fix. So I repairing both the master document and website simultaneously, not exactly an efficient process. I should add that fiction takes a lot more editing than technical writing. Maybe I have learned something useful for the next novel.

The book is on ebook format, distributed by Amazon Kindle and Rakuten Kobo. The price is about $3.00. There is no charge to read the entire book from the website.

I was hoping to use Google ads to advertise the book to four states in the USA. Unfortunately, either electoral laws or Google inclinations have changed. My ads were deemed too political to be put on the Google network. I went to Taboola: too political as well.

Then I went to Facebook, where I had advertised other inventions. FB wasn't clear whether I too political or not. So I thought it won't take much time to set up a campaign and see what happens.  I found the FB interface quite difficult and it was mixing up my new campaign with my old campaigns (or maybe I was not handling the software well).

So I went to BING. It was quite easy to set up a new account and there didn't seem to be any rules about politics. My BING campaign is up and running well. I will continue this for four months and evaluate!

I am still promoting the TDG on Medium. I get most of my traction by commenting on popular writers. Writing new articles has not proven worth my time. Success on Medium seems to be writing articles every day for a long time. I don't have the resources for this. Three or four articles a moths; three or four quick comments a day. That is enough. In April, the TDG section of the website got about 50 referrals from Medium, but most did not go past the landing page. But it seems I am having better penetration with DFP.

And I did sell 4 books in April! That is a new record--and a good sign.

Just a few more repairs to the website. Then I can relax a bit--and just focus on marketing.

I should add that my website developer has done a fantastic job. If you like the TDG/DFP layouts, I recommend Subha Brota Nath from Kolcata, India.