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Fighting Facsism on Medium

Medium has many political writers who are telling us about the possibility of a fascist takeover in the USA. All of these writers are competent in their craft; some are quite good. Some are rehashing the workings of other writers and the mainstream media; others have new and interesting perspectives that are enjoyable to read. A few are interested in a higher Medium paycheck; most believe their work is helping the USA to move away from fascism.

I can understand the reason behind wanting to do something to preserve democracy in the USA. When one is outside the sphere of influence, maybe posting such articles is the only tool one has. But will another 10 or 20 Medium articles in this vein really help move the USA in the right direction?

Now don’t get me wrong. The decisions made by the Republican Party since January 6 give me the impression that this party sees a successful coup in the near future. Maybe after the 2022 midterm election. Maybe 2024. If they don’t get the election result they are looking for, they can claim a fraudulent election. Enough of the Republican base will be willing to “freedom-fight” for a one-party rule in the USA, giving the Republican elite a very privileged position in this newly structured society.

But are more Medium articles really helping to prevent the formation of this society? Remember that Medium is a left-wing echo chamber. It is doubtful even a few of the Republican base will be swayed by such clever writing—simply because the right wing is not reading Medium. The mainstream media, like CNN or The Atlantic, are already pointing out the possibility of fascism. These outlets have some ability to reach the Republican base and change a few minds. So what good will an extra 10 or 20 or 200 Medium articles do? Other than maybe satisfying a writer’s ego? Or maybe later giving the excuse “Well, I tried to stop the coup.”?

To say that I have a short-term possible solution, I don’t have one. I’m sorry. My hope is that the USA can bumble its way through the next decade and remain a democracy. Just let those forces clash in the way destiny seems to be driving them—and let that magic of democracy work its magic—to keep this democracy alive.

If the bumbling works, what happens next? It is doubtful the Trump base is going to disappear in a decade. It may find a more capable leader. And this leader will know he/she doesn’t need 50% + 1 to effect a coup. Then we play the same game all over again, just a little more intensely. I have told a few Medium contributors that if their grandchildren are writing similar articles in the future, then we have not accomplished much, have we?

I have a long-term solution.

I spent six years in a Canadian political party, circa 1990. I saw a lot of dysfunctional behavior in that time. I left politics after realizing that I could not change things. But somehow, I invented another system of democratic governance. That system addressed all the dysfunction I saw. In 1997, I started putting pen to paper. Twenty-four years ago!

Here is a quick summary of Tiered Democratic Governance (TDG). It has no political parties. Voters cast their vote based on good character and capacity for governance. Elected representatives work with the process of consultation, not partisanship, to decide things. These features make for a kinder, wiser democracy.

That explanation is too simple. So I really invite you to read my book. It will take you about three hours. You can sacrifice three hours this week to read my book instead writing and reading all those political articles on Medium that are unlikely to convert any Trump supporters to your way of thinking. And my book is a free read from my website.

When reading my book, ask yourself: “If we really build this TDG, what are the chances of someone like Mr. Trump acquiring high office?”

If your answer is something like: “Next to zero,” then YOU can take or all of these steps:

  1. Let your social media know about your find. Make a post like this: “Some guy in Canada has invented a new kind of democracy. It sounds interesting. I think you should check it out.” 
  2. Working with your neighbors. Maybe you already know some neighbors who are concerned about the future of American democracy. Ask them to help you build a local TDG constitution. Get together in your backyard one evening. Explain the TDG to them as best you understand it.
  3. Set up flyer/door knocker run in your neighborhood. Find a neutral location to meet people who are thinking like you. If no one comes, that is fine. You can try again in six months.
  4. Pull out a sample constitution from my first TDG novel as a place to start.
  5. Use email to discuss various points of that draft constitution.
  6. Meet every two weeks for a couple of hours until the document finishes taking shape.
  7. Ratify your local TDG constitution.
  8. Hold elections to assign your first executive committee — as per the rules of your constitution.
  9. Start inviting other neighbors to become members.
  10. Work with other neighborhoods in building their TDG.

This new democracy will be built with these kinds of grassroots actions.

Early TDG builders maybe need 10 hours a month to move their TDG forward.

It is time for a new way. In this new way, YOU can play an important part in reshaping the USA’s future political landscape.

So put your limited time and energy into something useful. Writing and reading more fascist-warning articles on Medium might make you feel good about your value system, but it won’t help the USA in the long term.

Published on Medium 2021

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