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Demographics of the TDG

1. I am 62 years old.

2. I am Caucasian

3. I am male.

4. I am Canadian.

I’ve been on Medium for 31 months, trying to promote Tiered Democratic Governance (TDG), my alternative democracy. Things have not gone well. I think I need to put this project on the shelf again.

However, there has been a little bright spot this past few months. Four Medium contributors have written a positive TDG article or mentioned the TDG in a significant way. Their initials are GJ, FR, TA, and ST.

This has been a good development. As I have had some dialogue with these fellows, I think I have a reasonable handle on their demographics. Three Yanks and a Brit. They are all male. They are all Caucasian. They are a little older than I am. 

Wait One Dog-Gone Minute!

The TDG is full of old, white guys!

Isn’t this the same demographic that has run the world for the past 200 years and seems to have screwed things up?


If this is the result of my recruitment efforts, maybe I should give up—if my goal is to make a better world.

I used to promote the TDG to my social circle. My family, friends, and colleagues thought I was insane to some degree for a nobody like me should be trying to change the world with a new democracy!. Let’s just say I got tired of seeing eyeballs roll back in heads. So 10 years ago, I stopped mentioning the TDG to my social circles.

In November 2018, serendipitous events allowed me to attend a rural mental health conference for Southeast Alberta. I’m no expert in this field; my work is not aligned in this way. But I sure enjoyed the sessions and learning from the speakers.

These people might be interested in the TDG. They are quite active in their community. They have experience getting things done as activists and community leaders. They enjoy meetings. And they were a much more diverse group than my TDG cohort.

Unfortunately, time, money, energy, and opportunity are in short supply in my house. I can’t attend these conferences. And I am also an introvert, a trait which has become more ingrained as I get older. I would need to attend about six conferences before people would start noticing me, let alone take me seriously. Unless I somehow find a means of independent income, I won’t be attending these conferences.

The TDG asks little from its early builders. Ten hours a month. And a willingness to work with your neighbors.

You know what? I kind of grok why the current TDG demographic might not want to build the TDG.

However, I feel so sorry for the 20-to-30-year-old Americans and Britons. They have inherited a political system that has become significantly more dysfunctional in the past decade. Canada and continental Europe may soon follow this path. How are these young people supposed to fix this mess?

I have not been able to reach the younger demographic or its movers and shakers. The TDG is quite far out of the box compared to popular ways of “how to fix democracy.” Even young people prefer the popular tools: protesting is cool and acceptable and there’s lots of buddies around. But to actually build a new democracy? That has never been done before, right?

So I am asking my TDG cohort and other Medium contributors who have stumbled into this article for a little help. Could you help move the TDG into this younger demographic. You probably have a few email contacts from young people. Could you draft an email something similar to the email below:

Dear Son/Daughter/Nephew/Niece/Grandson/Granddaughter/whatever

I realize that you are frustrated with today’s politics. There really doesn’t seem to be much hope out there anymore. We, the older generation, have screwed things up. We are leaving our mistakes for you to fix. I’m sorry.

For some time, I have been on This is an internet forum that discusses all sorts of topics, from history, science, dating, self-help, woodworking, and computer programming. One of my Medium interests has been politics. Maybe I’ve been looking for an answer as to why we got to this sorry state—and how we might climb out.

There aren’t any good solutions. Mostly ideas to make people madder at each other.

Except I have run across this Dave fellow from Canada. He has this crazy idea of a new kind of democracy. He describes it as a kinder, wiser democracy. Will it work?

Dave’s democracy has some interesting features. It has no political parties or noisy election campaigns. People cast votes based on good character and capacity for governance. Decisions are made by people talking things through, not by assuming an ideology and shutting down opposing voices. Consensual decisions are implemented. If the decisions don’t work out, we change things. This sounds like what we want, doesn’t it?

Dave says about 1% of Americans are needed to start this new system. Its early builders need spend only about 10 hours a month and a willingness to work with a few neighbors. Dave says it will take 10 to 20 years to build the TDG.

You have many more years ahead of you. Just imagine being middle-aged and having this new system already in place—for your kids and grandkids.

Dave says you don’t need anyone’s permission to start building it. Just start building it.

I’m not sure this new system is possible. But I haven’t found a solution better than Dave’s.

I thought you might want to take a look. The future is more yours than mine.



Make adjustments to the above letter as you see fit.

If you could get a young person in your life to work with other young people and build the TDG, this will be your important contribution to move the world forward.

Give that young person something to hope for—and a purpose to enact that hope.

Published on Medium 2021

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