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The First TDG Constitution

Riverbend is a fictional small town in the United States. In its northwest quadrant, a former Republican worker, Rich Riddell, gathers some neighbors together to build a new democracy. Rich and his neighbor Len Pash have just been laid off from their factory and have some free time. They are joined by several other neighbors. Holger Peters is approaching his final years as a high school teacher. Stacey Mabrall has finished college and is not employed in her field. Thelma Delgers is a receptionist at an accounting firm and taking distance accounting training. Rich and Len’s wives—Emily and Jackie—are welcoming these TDG meetings into their homes and taking part in the discussion. Eleven residents of Northwest Riverbend are building the USA’s first TDG constitution.

This document takes several months to develop. Meetings occur every couple of weeks. In between meetings, emails are exchanged. New ideas discussed. Holger keeps everyone talking. Stacey takes on the role of writer of the document, organizing the content and working in the changes. Rich uses his political experience with due process to move the group forward to the document’s ratification. This culmination of the document constitutes the first three chapters of “Diary of a Future Politician.” Eventually, the new constitution is ratified, and Northwest Riverbend elects its first executive committee.

My purpose of this novel is to show how average people can build this new democracy. When going through this document, ask yourself “Is this something I can help with?”

Here is the first constitution of Northwest Riverbend:


We members of this TDG group believe that American democracy is failing us. We are striving to build a new replacement system of governance based on the TDG principles of (1) no political parties, (2) democratically elected representatives based on good character and capacity for governance, (3) no electioneering, and (4) a culture of consultation. We believe that we can build this system of governance to peacefully assume authority and responsibility of our current elected institutions.


We members of this TDG group believe in:

1. The equality of the male and female gender.

2. The equality of all races in America.

We, as individuals and as an organization, will strive to eliminate prejudice and discrimination on these fronts.


This TDG district shall encompass the northwest section of Riverbend. Exact boundaries shall include:

1. Battenor River to the south

2. Interstate I-XXX to the east

3. Riverbend’s municipal boundaries to the north and west.

This TDG district shall include the Riverbend neighborhoods of: (1) Creighton, (2) Davidson, (3) Grenfall, (4) Gull Lake, (5) Loon Lake, (6) Nipawin, (7) Oxbow, and (8) Senlac. We plan to eventually have these neighborhoods elect their own representatives.


1. All members of this TDG shall have a primary residence in the district.

2. Members shall provide a mailing address to the executive committee for mailing purposes.

3. Members shall be at least 17 years old.

4. Members must be American citizens.

5. Members must affirm their acceptance of the principles in Sections 1 and 2.

6. Members cannot vote in TDG affairs until they have been members for at least 30 days.


1. The executive committee shall schedule an annual general meeting in the month of April. This meeting shall be the election of the executive committee to serve in the next year.

2. The executive committee shall keep a record of members.

3. The executive committee shall send by US Post official notice of this election meeting to all members.

4. All members attending this meeting shall be given a blank ballot.

5. Prior to voting, the current chairperson of the executive committee shall give a short speech about voting for good character and capacity for governance.

6. When voting, each member can write the name of one or two members as their choice for the executive committee. All ballots shall be placed in a ballot box.

7. When voting is finished, the ballot box shall be opened and votes shall be counted.

8. The four members who tally the most votes will constitute the new executive committee.

9. If there is a tie vote for fourth and fifth place, another round of balloting shall be conducted with these two as the only candidates.

10. The fifth place shall be recorded and may be called to serve the remainder of the term if another executive committee member can no longer serve.


1. The executive committee shall have authority and responsibility for all affairs of this TDG except amendments to the constitution.

2. Quorum for the executive committee is three members.

3. The executive committee is encouraged to attain a consensual decision. If consensus cannot be attained, a majority vote shall constitute the decision. If there is a tie vote, the member with the most votes at the annual meeting shall have the tie-breaking vote.


The executive committee can appoint an advisor to this TDG district.


1. The executive committee has the authority to formulate amendments to the constitution. When the drafting of an amendment is finalized and the executive committee approves the amendment, the executive committee shall send notice of the amendment meeting to all members by US Post.

2. Quorum of this meeting to amend the constitution shall be at least 10% of the membership.

3. Ratification of the amendment must be by a two-thirds vote of this TDG.


1. The executive committee has the authority to investigate and negotiate a merger with a neighboring TDG. When the draft of the new constitution for the merged area has been finalized and approved by the executive committee, the executive committee shall send notice of the merger meeting to all members by US Post.

2. Quorum of this meeting to merge the TDGs shall be at least 10% of the membership.

3. Ratification of the merger must be by a two-thirds vote of this TDG.

4. If the other TDG also ratifies, the TDGs will be considered merged and the new constitution shall prevail over this constitution.


I know you and neighbors can put a document like this together. Nearly all writers on Medium have the necessary writing skills.

You can even copy this document and make small changes for your neighborhood.

While I don’t like making political predictions because they are too often not right, I will make one right here: If no one goes through the process of writing local TDG constitutions, we will not get the democracy we yearn for.

Someone has to start building constitutions for this new democracy. It might as well be you.

Published on Medium 2021

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