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Four Salient Features of the TDG

Tiered Democratic Governance (TDG) is a new kind of democracy: a wiser, kinder democracy.

The TDG will be built by average people in average communities. Each local TDG will start as an independent entity setting up its own rules. Later it will merge with other local TDGs, reforming the rules to bring TDG’s together.

Building the TDG is going to be a great experiment that tries out different democratic ways for the TDG. The ways that don’t work, we should replace. The ways that used to work but have become obsolete, we should replace. The ways that work well, we should keep. The good ways will eventually become the foundation for when the TDG replaces western democracy in the role of governance.


There are four salient features that should in put into each TDG.


1.Tiered Indirect Elections

2. Voting Based on Good Character & Capacity for Governance

3. A Culture of Consultation

4. An Advisory Board


All local TDGs should have these four features somehow as part of their constitution and culture. Everything else comes with a consultative decision-making process that the early TDG builders will practice and perfect. 


Published on Medium in 2021

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