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Circles of a Future Politician

Four years ago, Eli Weasel and four friends put together a local TDG (Tiered Democratic Governance) for the Tankosin Indian Reservation. But after their constitution was ratified, not a lot happened. They had meetings and elections and a few new members joined, but interest sputtered. Attendance was low; the Tankosin community just thought: “those crazy kids.” Their advisor, Len Pash, encouraged them to keep going in these four years, just following the rules of their constitution.

Then came the catalyst.

The Tankosin TDG suddenly had a lot more interest. Eli and friends were busier with TDG affairs. They were providing the example for this future governance.

The Tankosin Tribal Council took notice of what these young people were doing. They could see something special was happening—and brought Eli’s group into their deliberations.

In two years, Tankosin’s TDG becomes the most influential TDG in the United States.

This is my third novel in the TDG series. While I have written these novels as a series, I believe this third novel can stand alone as its own story. And it is the best story of the three.

My goal is to show average citizens that they can build the democracy they so yearn for. They should not wait for the political elite, the wealthy, celebrities, or the academics to build this new system for them. They should take the example from Eli and his friends.

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No print books! One of my contributions to a better environment.

Published on Medium 2021

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