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The End of a Medium Experiment

In late September, I realized that I had an opportunity for more writing. So I decided to promote Tiered Democratic Governance (TDG) more aggressively.

I used to publish a Medium article about once a week. That was the time required to get an article up to a certain standard, which meant a rough draft followed by five or six editing sessions. Each session was about a half hour. So maybe I put in an average three hours per article, spread over a few days.

Rather than work one article at a time, now I had at least six on the go. Each day, I would see each article with somewhat fresh eyes and make a few wise adjustments. I would go through all the articles on my drawing board, taking maybe three to four hours a day. It still took about a week to get a rough draft of one article into a publishable state.

My objective of all these articles was to teach about the TDG in a different way. These articles are about a five-minute read, which contrasts from my TDG book (about a three-hour read) and three TDG novels (about three hours each). A different approach indeed.

I hadn’t signed on the MPP partner program. I am not a popular writer, so there wasn’t much point in giving an internet entity my banking information to earn $10 a month. But my reluctance to join MPP might be one of those unofficial barriers in the Medium algorithms to putting my articles on many Medium feeds. So I finally signed up, hoping the Medium algorithms would shower a little more exposure my way.

I have put up 49 articles since September 30. All about the TDG. Many of the articles have been bouncing between my ears for some time. So it was liberating to finally get them on paper and “out there.” A few new TDG articles were inspired while writing my “more mature” TDG articles. So I wrote 45,173 words in 54 days!

The Result

Unfortunately, Medium went into a bit of a funk when I started this TDG promotion campaign. I used to get about 40 views per article. Now I was getting about 10. More than a few Medium writers were lamenting about a big loss in their readership for no apparent reason. I was just another casualty.

In October, I got $9.78 in Medium royalties. Not worth the effort to sign up for MPP.

Surprisingly, I did manage to gain about one new follower per day. I often respond on other articles, and I think the new followers came from those responses. But these new followers do not seem to have seen my new articles on their feeds. My view/read/fan counts stayed low throughout the 49 articles.

I spent about 300 hours on writing articles and responses in the past two months.

But no TDG workers came forth.

Secondary Objective

I kind of knew that “no TDG workers” was going to be the likely result of this marketing campaign. I have proven with Medium and other internet places that the world just is not interested in an alternative democracy. Unfortunately, things must get worse before we start thinking about a better path. But I liked this new way of teaching about the TDG.

I started this campaign with a secondary objective. I had already written about 70 TDG articles in the past 31 months. If I could combine those articles with the others I had bouncing in my head (the 49), I would have a nice compilation of TDG articles.

So, expect “The TDG-Medium Papers’ in e-book format by September. Readers can read a few articles at a time, gain a few insights into the TDG, put the book down, and not have to worry much about retaining a complicated academic treatise or a plotline. This book will be more of a “Read, Enjoy, & Learn” experience, when compared to my TDG book and novels.

The Future

It’s time for me to give Medium less priority in my life. Move onto other life projects.

For about a year. I have been working on a pandemic simulator where high school science students and STEM inclined people can role-play a politician trying to manage a pandemic. The role-player has to apply science to select the better interventions to reduce the pandemic spread. But the real challenge is finding the balance between good interventions and the political disapproval that comes with those interventions. It is definitely a challenge for politicians to find that balance—in the real world and in this simulation.

For this project, I’m working with a PHP programmer from Kolkata, India. We have completed about half of the simulation. The simulation will be free to try and play and compete.

Not quite free. The simulator will also be advertising for the TDG. So hopefully, this advertising will find a different demographic than people participating in political forums on the internet. Maybe I can convince some STEM-inclined people to build the TDG!

I lost my job in April. It’s time for me to find a new job. When the new job is acquired, there won’t be much time and energy for writing. So this Medium project has to come to a close. It was a worthy experiment.

I will be coming around Medium to check if anyone has responded to my articles. Hopefully I can limit myself to just one read and one response per day.

Besides, I am running out of original TDG-related articles to write. Another sign that it is time to take a break.

Addendum January 2024

I didn't stay away for long. I was writing and posting about five Medium articles throughout 2022 and 2023. And I'm really not running out of inspiration for new articles. Until some reasonable income comes my way, I cannot afford to write an article every day. 

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