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Listicle of Medium Writers

I’ve been with Medium for two years. With my 853 followers, I look like a veteran compared to many of the Medium newbies I seem to be interacting with these days. But I sure can’t call myself a success.

I like to analyze the true motive of writers on Medium. I have prepared a little taxonomy of writers. Here are my classifications:

1. Writers who have won the Medium lottery. They are getting their rent paid with their Medium earnings, maybe more. I would divide this group into two further subclasses: writers who write about the same thing everyday and writers who look something up somewhere else and then put up the same story in their own words. Neither subclass wins my originality award.

2. Writers who want to earn a good Medium income. Some of them could belong to the first group; some of them just don’t have that edge to ever make it. I would wager the psychologists working for Medium have created an environment to keep these people chasing the Medium lottery.

3. Writers who are using Medium to find a better paying writing gig. With Medium, these writers are getting practice and recognition.

4. Writers who are already writing somewhere else—and being paid for it. With five minutes to make a Medium post, they get some additional income and exposure for their work.

5. Writers who are flogging a book. I am guilty of this motive.

6. Writers who have developed great life experiences and want to share them with the world. They don’t seem to care about income and need only a little recognition to justify their efforts.

7. Writers who believe they are influential, but they really aren’t. Maybe I belong here too.

Medium has not been helpful in my book sales. Medium has not helped in getting my ideas of an alternative democracy to move forward. But I have been both entertained and educated on Medium. Occasionally I have been inspired. But without #5, I would not be here.

Unfortunately, very few people are here just because they like reading. We all have ulterior motives. And the truth is that we prefer to be read than to read.

BTW, I am finding #6 to be my favorite writers on Medium. Here are two who have been getting a lot of my Medium clicks in the past little while: Francesco Rizzuto and Allan Milne Lees. Neither is popular, but both seem content to churn out great articles about how the world really works.

There should be a few others on my #6 list, past and present. But I can’t pull their names from my head at this time. But my recommendations probably won’t matter much: my articles seldom go past 20 reads.

Want to buy an interesting book about a new kind democracy?

Maybe my topic is killing sales?

Published on Medium 2021

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