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Building a Local TDG

Building a local TDG (Tiered Democratic Governance) won’t be that difficult! Here are the requirements:

1. Recognize the Crumbling!

A few years back, I was stuck in traffic in a taxi in Montreal. We were close to a highway overpass. The taxi was not moving. I was looking around. I could see the crumbling concrete of the overpass. Concrete chunks missing; rebar was exposed; rainwater had free access to the interior of the concrete. If there was no repair coming soon, this overpass was going to collapse, probably sometime in the next 10 years. No amount of hoping and wishing was going to change that outcome. I mentally chastised the municipal engineers and/or municipal government for allowing the overpass to get to this state of disrepair. That overpass may not have been repairable.

If you believe the western democracy can be fixed, stop reading. If you believe there is a political messiah who will arise to change society to your liking, stop reading. Keep doing what you are doing. Do not look for any new way.

But if you sense western democracy has crumbled past the point of a few simple repairs, then changing to the TDG is all in your hands.

2. Read the TDG Books

The TDG essay is a nice 15-minute read. But it doesn’t explain the TDG well enough to show you how the various pieces of the TDG work together. My book is a three-hour read from the TDG website.

As well, I have three TDG novels that tell the story of the early TDG builders. Less technical but more inspiring than the TDG book. Yes, ordinary people can build the TDG!

3. Invest 10 Hours a Month

The usual path to entering a political career usually involves substantial lifestyle changes. Even as an active party member in the back rooms, I had to make life adjustments to get my party work done. My party efforts were far greater than what an early TDG would ever require of me. I often wonder if I had paid more attention to my business than politics, would my business have been successful.

The early TDG will require only about 10 hours a month. That’s about three movies or sporting events a month. I’m sure you can afford this sacrifice.

4. Talk with Your Neighbors

To build this local TDG, you are going to have to associate with your neighbors. This has become difficult for many westerners as we have built communities away from our neighborhood. Cheap gasoline and the internet have made it easier to find people more like us. Cheap entertainment is distracting us from being in a community.

The TDG will require people to practice working with people who are not like us. So your neighbors have become a good source to get this practice.

Imagine yourself having this conversation with your neighbor:

You: I’m not sure where our country is going these days. Politics is so vile and vicious

Neighbor: Yeah, you are right. It seems the politicians are powerless.

You: Well, there is a fellow from Canada who has written a book on a new democracy. He has given us a new blueprint.

Neighbor: Sounds nice, but those in power don’t want any new democracy.

You: This fellow says we should just start building it. He says we only need to gather a few neighbors to start building our local version.

Neighbor: What are we supposed to do?

You: He wants us to write our own local constitution. . . . . Are you interested?

Neighbor: Maybe.

You: I’m having a little meeting at my place on Thursday at 7:00. I’ll try to explain this new system as best I can. There’re a few things I don’t understand yet.

I’m sure you can have that conversation with a few your neighbors. Make your home available to these early TDG meetings. See what happens.

5. Start Now

The good news is that you won’t need many of your neighbors to come to your meeting. Four neighbors should be sufficient to start writing your own TDG constitution. For sure, 15 will be too many.

You won’t need permission from the political elite to start building your local TDG.

You won’t need permission from the wealthy to start building your local TDG.

You won’t need permission from the academics to start building your local TDG.

You won’t need permission from 50% + 1 of your neighbors to start building your local TDG.

You won’t need permission from the police or any other government agency to start building your local TDG.

You can start building today!

6. Call to Action

Talk to your neighbors.

Spend 10 hours a month to change the world!

Start building.

Published on Medium 2021

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