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Philosophy of Alternative Facts

??Looking at DebatePolitics from the edge of the swimming pool, I see mostly righties and lefties pecking at each other. I really don’t want to participate in such discussion. But having invested a little time to figure out the DP software, I don’t want to throw away this investment without diving in to really test out the waters. Good news: I have found that there are actually more than a few thoughtful people in DP. And the quasi-trolls can be easily ignored. 

A few times, I have been asked for some references for some the positions I have taken on DP. I don’t do this for several reasons. 

1. For about three decades, I was a pretty good reader, with many more books I would have liked to have read. When something I read has helped me formulate a certain position, I really can’t recall the exact book or article that helped me reach that position. 

2. With the internet, it should be possible to find the original or similar material. But I am probably looking at a couple hours of research time for each link. Free time is not so easy for me: it’s that family and job thing. 

3. If I do provide a link, maybe a few will go to it. Fewer will actually read it. Therefore my two hours of research won’t bring in a great return.  

4. For those who take an opposing view to my views, they will claim the link is biased in some way or pass it off as fake news or fake research. Or maybe they will just refer to a better set of alternative facts! 

So what’s the point of spending all the time finding links? Especially when the links are not going to change anyone’s mind?

These days, I like to discuss things with logic. One of my favorite techniques is: “If what you are saying is true, then . . . .” . It takes me only 10 minutes or so to draft up a statement. Much better than spending a couple hours to find some expert or data to back my view. 

Published in 2017

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